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If you are New to the web and you do not know where to get started, please email or call us. Not everyone understands the glossary of the website so we are willing to talk to you in a way that you can understand easily the options available to you to meet your needs and budget. Usually a simple call to discuss your requirements will help you have confidence in us. Even If you are located outside N.S.W., Netsky assure that our web design service is your best choice. Because we aim to help you get your business online at a lower cost. -- Web design manager
We provide a global platform for businessmen to find their business partners.
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Welcome to Netsky.biz
Netsky.biz - a leading web hosting, web design and development company based in Sydney, Australia.
Nowadays, web designers in Netsky always try their best to provide high quality services for clients, which include web site design and development , web hosting, domain name sales and website content maintenance.

Our specialist services include:
We provide one of the CHEAPEST and HIGHEST QUALITY web design and web hosting. You can compare our price with other companies, then make a right choice. --- We aim to get your business online for a lower price.
Web hosting plans
» Basic Package
* 50MB Web Space
* 5G Web Traffic
* 5 Pop E-mail Accounts * Free setup
* No Cgi support learn more
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» Economical Package
* 100MB Web Space
* 10G Web Traffic
* 10 Pop E-mail Accounts * Free setup
* 5 subdomain * 5 SQL database
* Cgi support learn more
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» Gold Package
* 600MB Web Space
* 40G Web Traffic
* 60 Pop E-mail Accounts * Free setup
* 50 subdomain * 50 SQL database
* Cgi support learn more
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" Thank you for helping me a website you have done a great job. we got it good result .
Its really appreciated the people they can know us a business .
Some thing we would like to compare with the best .
Thank you ! "

      -- Jack He

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