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Web page design and website build tutorial

What is Html language?

HTML is abbreviatory for the Hyper Text Markup Language. HTML code is the basic language of the Internet's World Wide Web. The content of web page is contained in HTML code. With HTML code and Web Browser, you are able to spread the information of your personal or companys' to the internet users around the world.Html language make it possible for us to put together text, pictures, sounds, and links... all in a place! HTML code files are plain text files, so they can be browsered and edited on any type of computer operation system... Mac, UNIX, Windows, etc.

Tag Name Definition Example
<Hn>... </Hn>(n=1,2,3,4,5,6) Header Title <H1>: the largest header,<H6>: the smallest header  
<P>...</P> <P>tag defines a paragraph text in the body  
<Title>... </Title> States the title of the page conent  
<Head>...</Head> Head session contains extra information of page conent  
<Table>...</Table> The <table> tag defines a table. Inside a <table> tag you can put table headers, table rows, table cells, and other tables.  
<Tr>...</Tr> Defines a row in a table.  
<Td>...</Td> Defines a cell grid in a row of a table.  

The <Hr> tag inserts a horizontal line.


Defines a table body.

<Font>...</Font> The <font> tag specifies the font face, font size, and font color of text.  
<B>...</B> The<B> tag specifies the bold style of text.  
<Br> The <br> tag inserts a single blank.   
<Strong>...</Strong> The<strong> tag specifies strong emphasized style of text.  
<Blockquote>...</Blockquote> The <blockquote> tag defines the start of a long quotation plus block-level elements within it but plain text.  
<Textarea>...</Textarea> The <textare> tag defines a multi-line text input area.  
<Caption>..</Caption The <caption> tag defines caption of a table.  
<Div>...</Div> The <div> tag defines a division/section in a page.  

The <a> tag defines an anchor. An anchor can be used in two ways:1. create a link to another page 2. create a bookmark in the same page.


The <body> tag defines the page's body. It contains all the contents of the page (like text, images, colors, graphics, etc.).

<! --               --> It's comment tag instructing the caption of an area of text, graphic,etc.  

This tag tells a browser that this is an HTML document.


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