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Web page design and website build tutorial

1. What is the (WWW) World Wide Web about ?
2. What is a Domain Name, and how do they connect computer users to the Web?
3. What are domain names and websites good for?
4. How do we use our domain names and websites to attract internet users?

1. What is the World Wide Web about?

The World Wide Web (WWW), known simply as the Web, is an ever-evolving collection of documents located on the Internet and stored on computers found all over the world. These documents may contain any type of information, including text, images, sound, movie clips and more.

What are Servers ?

The computers that store web documents are called web servers. These computers run with special software that lets you connect to web documents all the time. Most of the Servers are high performance so that they can support thousands of people viewing the same site at the same time.

What are Web Browsers ?

The software that lets you view web page or documents on the Web is called a browser. You will have to run a browser to read a document just like you have to run a music player to listen to songs. Browsers make it possible to view text, images, and movies as well as to hear sounds on the web. The browser you are using now, whether it is Internet Explorer, AOL, Juno, or Netscape allows you to have access to the web page content .

What's the meaning of Navigating the Web ?

Many organizations have their own servers. When you connect to a server, the first document you view is called the home page; you saw our home page when you typed in www.domainname.com in your browser. Businesses, government agencies, schools, military, even individuals have home pages to which you can connect. Every home page has a certain web address so that you can find it, called a URL (Uniform Resource Locator); our home page's URL is http://www.netsky.biz/index.htm.

What's Hypertext Documents ?

Most documents on the Web are known as hypertext documents. That is to say, they are documents that contain links to other documents. These links may be text that is highlighted in some way, or they may be images. For example, you use a link called "Why host on our server ?" on our home page to get here. When you clicked on the link, the document you are now reading is displayed.

What is Navigating Hypertext Documents about ?

Therefore, if you click on a link with your mouse, you will be transported to another document. That document may be stored on the same Web server or another Web server somewhere else in theworld. Moving about from one document to another or from one Web server to another is commonly called "surfing the net."

2. What is a domain name, and how do they connect computer users to the Web?

A domain name is a way to identify and locate computers and resources, such as Websites,which are connected to the Internet.

Every company or organization that wants to have their information on the Internet will register a domain name for use as their on-line identity or name that users can use to access on-line services such as the organization's Website or email system. You can locate our website by typing our domain name www.netsky.biz into your browser.

For example, WSPSEO.COM, our company, registered the domain name netsky.biz so that users on the Internet can get access our website, purchase our products, order our services and send email to WSPSEO employees at our various email addresses, such as sales@yourdomain.com.au or info@yourdomain.com or webmaster@yourdomain.com.au and so on.
Much like a company's name, logo, a domain name has marketing value when customers can easily remember and associate it with the website information.
Since over 12 million domain names have already been registered worldwide, it can be very difficult to find a good domain name now. We have a lot of good domain names for reference to you. Each domain name corresponds to numeric IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. An IP address takes the form of 4 groups of numbers, each one between 0 and 255, separated by periods. The Internet uses the numeric IP address to send data. For example, you are currently connecting to a World Wide Web server with the domain name "netsky.biz," but as far as the network is concerned, you are connecting to the server with the IP address associated with our domain name.

The Domain Name System completes the task of matching domain names to IP (Internet Protocol) addresses. The Domain Name System is a collection of databases that contain information about domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. Domain name servers are computers that translate domain names to IP addresses. This system allows Internet users to deal with the more intuitive domain names, rather than having to remember a series of numbers.

3. What are domain names and Websites good for?

With greater frequency, individuals and business are looking to the Web for purchasing products and services, and they do it because it's convenient. Furthermore, merchants are finding that it's not expensive to get their "store" online. And that store can be up and taking orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Even if you are not in business per se, a domain name will make you visible to the millions of users on the Web. Without a domain name, users cannot identify the resources you have to offer on the Internet. Many individuals use domain names to connect with like-minded individuals "surfing the Web."

4. How do we use our domain names and websites to attract internet users?

The best domain names are easy to remember, search engine friendly and the best Websites are easy to use. Users look to resources on the Web that are efficient.

The process of obtaining an easy-to-remember domain name and creating a user-friendly Website can be finished by three steps.

  1. Register a domain name - Find a name that will best describe your Website. This name is how people will find you when they go onto the World Wide Web. Once you have found the right name for your Website and you are sure it is available to purchase.
  2. Find a the right hosting plan for your Website - It is one thing to register your domain name but it is equally important to attach that name to a Web server with us so that you have a place to store your Website. We offer a wide range of Web hosting plans to choose from.
  3. Design your website - There are two packages you could choose to build your Website.

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